A Little Perspective

A poem by Val Roy © val2k1 at pm dot me

imagine if you will, that we are all passengers
on this giant, firespitting rock, like travellers
flying, as if we’re bonafide space wranglers,
through the vacuum of space like regulars

cruising through space like nobody’s business
a break-neck speed but in complete stillness
and for billions of years nothing much happens
until one day there was an accident of atoms

random cells collided in primordeal soup
they fused and it ignited the creation of some mysterious living goop
primitive single cell life owes its whole existence
to pure luck, patience and sheer persistence

another theory is that we came from outer space
showers of meteors that landed on earth’s surface
they dumped us here and we never left the planet
like pandora’s box we crawled out of that casket

for a while single cell life was the only thing on earth
very carefully it multiplied resulting in the birth
of more complex forms of life called RNA
a life form so advanced it survives until today

imagine now a world with water,
water, sand and dirt
stromatolites using the oceans tides
to enrich the atmosphere one third
with oxygen so abundant
life forms from that era were terrifyingly repugnant

this was the time of giant plants and insects
of creepy crawlers and with nocturnal aspects
dragon flies 3 feet wide and eyes bigger than ours
centipedes 20+ feet chasing their food for hours

this was no time for for us to thrive
and for all we know we were alive
but the insects wiped us out
with traces yet to be found


imagine if you can, the number 13.8 billion
that is the age of the universe or so it is written
a number so big, so huge and a time so long
you have to ask yourself what is going on?

seven billion people on a rock nearly five billion years old
flying through space at an incredible 100k/h pace all told
how come we are fighting over religion or skin colour
when really we need to be work on travel that is interstellar

it is a sad state of affairs that people mostly seem to care
just about themselves and the rest can go to hell
if we could combine our forces for the sake of good
we can all prosper and enjoy the future as we should

Last update: 19/Mar/2021