A poem by Val Roy © (val2k1 at pm dot me)

insert token to begin, press to cancel
I play to win this neverending battle
all the lights go on, the speakers boom
I hear my favourite tune, time to move
concentrated, my hands straddle the sides
the high score is beamed into my eyes

I pull the lever and I watch the ball spring
another endeavour to ensure that I win
yes! triple bonus and an electronic cacophony
my action is ferocious with heroic modesty
people are gathering, enticed by the ruckus
bewildered they watch me do myself justice

violent metallic clunks flash, instilling fear
the music screams and thumps lest you can hear
how it’s just mocking you while you’re expertly
unlocking new ramps and determine trajectories
ramp after ramp, I score and feel the ecstasy
I am the champ and low scores are blasphemy

two balls have gone, lost to a setup of multi-ball
again I pull the lever and a new ball nearly stalls
with the gentlest of kicks I move it into place
and a flurry of furious flips extends the mad race
multi ball! my eyes dart every which way they can
the machine rattles and clunks as I jump and pan

alas, too many distractions to stay in control
I keep my chin up, it was a good game and it shows
a robot voice blurts out the words I need to hear
epic new high score by the new leader over here
I put in my initials and and watch the leaderboard
none of the others come close to what I scored!

Laste update: 19/Mar/2021